About Iliana Trading

Nearly twenty years has passed since the formation of Iliana Group, since when it started its job in the domestic trading of steel sheets, and always from the very beginning it was determined to put the observance of halal and haram, uniformity and honesty before its own interests.
Consequently, we have been involved in trading and business with different commercial and economic parties in different countries for many years with no conflicts or problems. Since any kinds of activities in various fields of the world of economics, including: trade, industry, animal husbandry, agriculture, production, food industry, construction, transportation, energy, services, etc., leads to specialized branches, therefore, it is undoubtedly impossible to enter to all these areas alone. So, the best strategy is to interact or to undertake partnership with favorable people and companies in common fields, while investing and working in some branches independently. Therefore, our strategy is based on synergy, activity and joint investment with legal and natural persons, after ascertaining their capability and authenticity. This strategy, along with adhering to organizational values and, above all, the grace of God, has enabled us to have significant connections in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and continue to grow.